Car Rental Tips

We are starting to see signs of winter here in the Keystone area! Now is the time to start planning and booking your first adventure to this beautiful area. Last week's advice encouraged travelers to our area to think carefully about transportation from DIA to the mountains. If you decide to rent a vehicle there are a few points to consider. Always remember that this time of year winter driving conditions will exist! So, please select a rental vehicle that will be the best for those conditions and one that will have the room you need to transport you and your mountain toys!

Booking a rental vehicle should be done as much in advance as possible! Just like airline tickets, advance reservations will reduce the price. Unlike airline tickets, car rental is much easier to change or cancel without a penalty. So book early and save!

Before you sign all the paper work at the rental car counter, please check your credit card benefits very carefully as many cards offer car rental insurance along with baggage loss etc.  These are some benefits most cards offer but card holders are unaware of these hidden gems.

And finally, be aware that most car rental companies will charge for additional drivers. AAA membership or even a free rental car membership will help you avoid that charge. 

We look forward to seeing you!