Tips for Traveling with Kids over the Holidays

With a little thought and careful planning traveling with kids can be very easy and fun. Here a few tips that will make your trip a great experience for all.

First and foremost, book your trip to allow for the schedule your children follow. Think about meals and naps as you book flights or plan a long car ride.

It is always a good idea to leave plenty of extra time. If you are headed to the airport , keep in mind that children like to explore, so give yourself time for that and any other small issues that might arise.

Pack and prepare for the climate. If you are headed to the mountains for a week of outdoor winter fun, bring plenty of warm clothes for everyone. Nothing 

spoils a day on the slopes more than a cold child or adult. Of course, we have plenty of shops that sell outdoor gear if you can't possibly pack it all. Please don't forget to pack the favorite toys or blankets.

While traveling it is always helpful to have a few books, some games and some fun apps. Something new and different will help the travel time go much quicker for all.

Be sure to pack plenty of sterile wipes and hand sanitizer. Don't forget to include a first aid kit and any medications your children might need.

Please be sure each family member always has an identification badge with them. Even small children can get separated from a parent while in a crowded airport. So, for a peace of mind create an ID for each person in your family.

There are so many fun family activities waiting for you in Keystone and the surrounding area. Pack carefully and join the fun!