The Key to the Rockies Team

Michael Magliocchetti - President, Real Estate Broker & Owner,  [email protected] 

Julie Magliocchetti - Vice President, Real Estate Broker and Owner, [email protected]

Patrice Novak - Vacation Rental Manager, 970.468.1898, [email protected] 

Kristin Myer Director of Sales & Marketing,  970.513.6827 (direct), 970.470.3220 (cell), [email protected]

Theresa Scamperino - Controller,  970.262.2158 (direct), [email protected]

Mary Bannon - Reservations/Front Office Manager, 970.468.1898, [email protected]

Jake StromFront Desk/Reservations Agent, 970.468.1898, [email protected]

Chad Breigenzer - HOA/Long Term Homeowner and Tenant Relations Manager, 970.468.7655 (direct), 970.485.4821 (cell), [email protected]

Kristine Anderson - HOA Bookkeeping, 970.468.5193 (direct), [email protected]

Cyrus Keel - Operations Manager, 970.409.0134 (cell), [email protected]

Travis Gilbertson - Second Homes Manager, 970.471.3865 (cell), [email protected] 

Tommy Kaiser - Field Operations Technician, 970.485.3522 (cell), [email protected]

Schelly Andersen - Rooms Division Manager, 970.406.8008 (cell), [email protected] 

Loni Murray - Rooms Inspector, 970.409.0651 (cell), [email protected]