How To Pack for your Keystone Mountain Summer Vacation

Colorado summers are mild and offer low humidity at higher elevations. Keystone’s average daily summer temperature from June through September is about 70 degrees and in the evenings drops to about 40 in the peak months of July and August. The nights are even cooler in June and September, and average a low of about 30 degrees. Afternoon rain showers are common weather patterns on the mountain peaks to consider when hiking as well.

Whether you are enjoying a stroll on Main Street or exploring our peaks and bike paths, dressing in layers is your key to mountain comfort. Wicking, fast drying, breathable layers are the best options. Generally avoid cotton and other absorbent fabrics; synthetics are king for active performance summer or winter. Also be sure to bring a mix of shorts and long pants as well as light jackets or sweaters for those cool nights. A good sturdy pair of hiking shoes or performance sneakers should also be added to your packing list. Don’t forget your rain jacket; be sure it has a good closure on the hood and look for features such as a carry pouch, under arm vents, insulation, and pockets.

The sun is especially strong at our altitude so be sure to pack a hat, SPF, chapstick with SPF, and sunglasses. There are even clothing options that have SPF built into the fabric, read the product description to check for this feature. 

A bathing suit is always a must have in the mountains. Many resorts and hotels have hot tubs and pools. If you are staying at a vacation rental there may even be a private hot tub. Other opportunities for use include natural hot springs, white water rafting, and boat tours.

Some of our favorite retailers for active mountain wear include: Under Armor, Chacos, Columbia, North Face, Patagongia, and Mountain Hard Ware. These are just a few suggestions to get you started on your search, use your judgment and personal taste.

Packing List at a Glance: Based on a 3 day trip

-1 to 2 Shorts

-1 Long Pant

-Wicking Base Layers/ Tops

     1-3 Short sleeves

     1 Long sleeve

     1 Long Pant (if camping, hiking 14ers, long evening exposure on deck or at a camp fire)

-1 to 3 Short Sleeve Shirts, Tanks, or Tops of choice

-Bathing Suit

-Flip Flops (for the pool, sauna, hot springs, water activities)

-Sturdy Shoes for Hiking

-Rain Jacket

-Light to Moderate Jacket for the Evenings



-Standard Toiletries: deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, etc.

     *Our condos and homes are equipped with shampoo, lotion, soap, and hair dryer

-Body/Face Lotion


-Chap stick with SPF

-Travel size moist wipes

-Antibacterial Lotion

-Mini-First Aid Kit: band aids, antibacterial cream, aspirin, Benadryl, anti-diarrheal, ant-acid, etc.

     *Use zip loc baggies and pack a few of these items instead of the whole box or consider buying a pre-made kit

-Grocery List for items to stock your vacation rental kitchen and bar with when you get here

     *Our vacation rental kitchens are well equipped with utensils, cookware, flatware, etc.

     *A starter kit of paper towels, sponges, trash bags, dish soap, and detergents are provided

-Area guides and maps: The Summit Hiker is an excellent resource

-Folder with printed travel confirmations: hotel, flight, activities

-Electronics & Chargers: cell phone, I-pad, I-Pod, Kindle, camera, GPS etc.