The answer, of course, depends on ones particular needs and wants. Some find that a fireplace offers irresistible charmthe perfect place to sit while sipping chianti, reading a novel, or snuggling with a partner. That would be me. However, there are lots of folks who consider a fireplace to be nothing more than a vacant hole in the wall casting a dank, dirty draft. That would be my sister. What makes a home for some is a hovel for others.

When planning a vacation or even a long weekend, its important to think about your goals for the stay. Will you spend much time in the unit? How many parking spots will you want? Is it more important to be near town or close to the trail? Will someone in your party appreciate a sleek kitchen filled with high tech gadgets or will your group be dining on Poptarts? Is a bathtub necessary and if so, what kind of tuba small, private bath or a large, outdoor Jacuzzi?

Think about the personalities and ages of the people traveling in your group. Will multiple television sets be a good idea or will they distract from game playing? Are there cards in the condo or do you need to bring your own?

An obvious question is to ask how many beds youll need, but dig a little deeper. Do you want the bedrooms separated by a set of stairs? It might be a grand idea if you have a range of ages in your group. No night owl wants a toddler banging pots and pans near their room at 6:00 a.m.. If you have a young one or an elder traveling, maybe stairs arent a good idea at all.

Answering even the simplest questions can mean the difference between having a good vacation or a truly great one. Give it some thought and browse the properties on the website. The staff at Key to the Rockies can provide answers, choices and abundant options. Just ask!