Skiing in Keystone 

Spring skiing is here! For most people, it doesn't get any better than swooshing down the slopes in warm, sunny weather. The air smells like pine cones. The snow feels soft. And even while riding the lift, you can taste the burgers grilling at the mountain house. Yum!

If you havent done so already, book your trip with Key to the Rockies now. There aren't too many ski days left this season.

As good as it gets, spring can bring with it a few potential dangers. Colorado mountains reach fourteen thousand feet and most ski areas hover between ten and twelve thousand feet above sea level. Sudden storms are common, and nights are always cold. However, one of the greatest natural threats comes from the sun. Snow reflects the sun just like the ocean or any large body of water, and mountain towns are closer to the ultraviolet rays. Vail claims some of the highest rates of skin cancer in the country.

At high altitude, sunburn occurs at a faster rate, causing incredible lobster-like skin. Not only is it important to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, it needs to be applied often. Spring skiing can mean wonderful, warm weather, but it also means youre more likely to perspire, which wipes away the protective layer of sunscreen. Some helmets have visors but if yours doesnt, bring a hat to wear during lunch. Shield your face as you ride the lift. Relax in a chair with your back to the sun. But most importantly, wear your sunscreen! Then, sit back and enjoy that cold beer.