No one likes the end of summer. But if youre lucky enough to visit the Rockies during the month of September, you might change your mind.

Keystone Aspen Leaves - Key to the Rockies Gentle autumn winds transform Aspen leaves into pats of golden butter, and almost magically, summer surrenders. September in Summit County is nothing short of fabulous. The energy slows, and softness fills the air. Although communities celebrate with fall festivals, the large summer crowds have gone, leaving behind a welcome new pace.

September brings a different temperament to the County, a looseness rarely found during other months of the year. The climate is cooler. The bike path is empty (okay, not really but at least its emptier). Parking is easy to find. Restaurants offer outdoor seating without a wait. And best? Summer monsoons have fled, guaranteeing warm sunshine.

Almost everything that can be done during the summer months can be enjoyed in September, but with fewer crowds. Kids are back in school, and family reunions have passed. However, the marinas continue to rent sailboats, kayaks, and canoes. Lake Dillon sparkles its deepest blue. The rivers have lessened their flow, making it easier to find a picnic rock. Some say the fish are easier to spot.

In September hiking trails clear themselves of mud, snow, and lost tourists. Instead, they draw you in with autumn hues, hidden mushrooms, and bumble bees performing their last dance. The towns arent packed with people, and yet cafes havent closed for the slow season. If a bargain is what youre after, shops offer fantastic sales in September, and many restaurants begin discounts and deals.

Aspen Leaves - Key to the Rockies If you worried that youll be bored without mountain snow or summer sunshine, think again. Fall can offer a blend of the best. Theres something for everyone, as opportunities to both relax and exercise appear at every point in the day. Temperatures reach the low 70s, clouds vanish, and strong winds rarely blow in, making the weathers hard to beat. Septembers truly a time to experience the mountains and culture of Summit County.