Mid-January can be the coldest time of the year, especially living at high altitude. Hopefully, your property with Key to the Rockies has a hot tub and a cozy fireplace, but that still wont help your frozen tootsies on the hill. Staying warm can make or break your day, so be smart and stay warm!

Heres how:

  • make sure your socks are dry and made for skiing
  • buy boot heaters if your budget allows
  • loosen your boot buckles in the lift-line (youll see locals do it every run)
  • break often for cocoa and warm your feet
  • wear a balaclava under your helmet
  • make sure you have an extra, dry neck gator stuffed in your pocket
  • wear long underwear and lots of layers
  • think warm thoughts (seriously)
  • pack a thermos of hot soup
  • stay hydrated
  • ski hard
  • watch for frostbite (cheeks/now will turn light white) and go inside
  • if a friend is slurring words and not drunk, they are likely hypothermic and need to warm up immediately

Its a dangerous business. Stay warm.

At the end of the day, kick back and relax under a fuzzy, fleece blanket. If you do venture outside, wear mittens, a hat and warm boots. The high country almost always dives below 0 once the sun is down, even if temperatures reached 40 during the day. Brrrrr. Beat the cold.