With the summer on its way out, the coming ski season is one its way in, and it wont be long before it is time to enjoy Keystone Colorado skiing once again. That said, now is a great time to start thinking about how to get yourself in shape for the slopes, because injuries can quickly spoil all the fun. We are not talking about a full-blown fitness regime to get your slope-ready, just a few important things to keep in mind to prepare for the coming season, so you can enjoy all the Keystone Colorado skiing that your body can handle.

A Solid Aerobic Base

Your general level of fitness may have slipped over the leisurely summer months, so now is the time to change that. Whether you get out there swimming, jogging, or rowing, do something that raises your heart beat and gets you sweating. Cycling is perhaps one of the best forms of exercise to prepare you for a Keystone Colorado skiing holiday, because it concentrates the exercise on your legs. Having strong legs that wont give up on your on that final run down the mountain once all the lifts have closed is essential, and we talk more about their importance next.

Long-Lasting Legs

Exercise - Key to the RockiesIt is your legs that have to do most of the action while you are out on the slopes. Being ready for deep powder carving and to get the most out of a Keystone Colorado skiing vacation, you need to get your legs strong and supple. Build all your leg muscles, your calves and quadriceps especially, so that you stay stable on your feet. A quick and easy way to building up your leg muscles is the simple squat exercise. With a straight back bend your knees until your upper leg is horizontal, and extend back up, repeating the process as many times as you can. Keep it slow and steady and your legs will be solid in no time.

A Different Kind of Aprs Ski

We are not discussing where to go and get a drink after you have enjoy everything that Keystone Colorado skiing offers, we are instead focusing on how you should treat your body after all that exertion on the mountain. Avoid heading straight to a bar and instead get back to your condo or private home. You should then warm down, stretching out your legs most importantly, but also your core, back, and shoulder muscles. You might think that a nice hot bath would be just the thing to help you unwind and soothe aching joints, but avoid this. Keystone Colorado skiing can be intense, and if your joints have swollen in any way a hot bath will only make the inflammation even worse. Instead, scoop up some snow in a plastic bag and put this on your knees, hips, ankles, or wherever is aching to help treat the tightness. Always remember, if you are feeling a little tired or overdone, just take a day off the slopes, do not risk going up there if you are not in top form.