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It is our commitment to provide you and our vacation guests the most enjoyable resort experience. It is also our goal to maintain your property in the best condition while creating a revenue stream for your mountain home. 
Key To The Rockies has been serving second homeowners in Summit County and Keystone Resort since 1991. We offer valuable experience within the vacation rental and real estate market, while successfully adapting to the changing economic environments creating a prosperous relationship for our clients. In addition, we conduct our business with the highest code of ethics and professionalism. 
Key To The Rockies is licensed by the Colorado Real Estate Commission to protect your rental funds. As a licensed company, we provide the guarantee Key To The Rockies practices trust accounting with clients funds and provides assurance funds are never commingled. Expect this guarantee from a company handling rentals for your property or your funds could be at risk. 
Our distinctive name “Key To The Rockies” is widely known throughout the hotel and vacation rental industry and we are easy to find in a multitude of booking services. Our reputable name and golden key logo focuses on the “key” reminiscent of the “concierge” offering personalized service to homeowners and guests. 
Key To The Rockies has been successfully operating for 25 years. We have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau, since 1994, and still maintains an A+ rating. Key To The Rockies also holds memberships with the Vacation Rental Management Association, Summit County Association of Realtors, Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau and Summit County Chamber of Commerce. 
Second Home Residential Management Service 
Second Homeowners who decide to keep their property for their own personal use and choose not rent, will enjoy the peace of mind of our Second Home Maintenance Program. This program includes regular weekly maintenance checks, payment of bills, emergency response, coordination of contracted services, housekeeping, receiving parcel shipments, and any other services for the proper care of your home. The fee for the second home maintenance program is a Basic Monthly Fee plus reimbursable charges for any requested maintenance or housekeeping. 
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The second homes manager will conduct one residential walk-through of the property each week. The inspection list shall include operation of the furnace, proper temperature settings, verifying windows and doors are locked, alarm status, general good order of the property.


Package delivery will be accepted at our front desk and will be delivered during the weekly inspection at no charge. Oversized items requiring a truck or multiple persons to deliver may incur additional delivery surcharge. Large shipments with multiple and/or oversized packages that can not be picked up in a timely manner will be delivered to the home may incur additional delivery surcharge.


Scheduling and performance of general or spring cleaning service is available upon request. Partial cleaning is available when the whole home is not used. Cleaning service is charged at $30/hr. please email your request to [email protected] in advance.


Choose to use your own linens and our housekeeping staff will launder them at the home. You may also choose to lease our quality linen and towel package. leased linen is professionally laundered, inspected, pressed, and folded. yearly linen lease cost is $35/person, and laundry is charged by the pound. Please email your request to [email protected] in advance.


All non emergency repairs must be approved or requested by the owner, at cost of materials and $45/hr for labor. Emergency repairs will be executed in the event the physical condition of the property is threatened. Subcontracted services will be charged an additional 20%.


The front desk, with permission of the owner will provide keys to guests, owners, service technicians, etc.


24 hour answering service from outside monitoring companies. manager will provide response and key access for law enforcement, fire or safety authorities, and temperature alarms.


24 hour answering service for emergencies from owner and owner’s guests. for example lock outs, disruption in heat or hot water, etc.


Snow removal from entry and walkways will be completed upon request at $45/hr. snow removal from driveways can be coordinated upon request from a qualified contractor.

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