My daughter, an alpine racer, says ski presents are the best, even edging out shoes. For a sixteen-year-old, thats a bold statement. If youre stumped for holiday ideas, consider buying a few of these goodies for the skiers in your family. If you rent a property from Key to the Rockies, you can find them all in Summit County.


  1. the obvious: skis, boots, bindings (who wouldnt want a new pair?)
  2. ski bag on wheels (dont throw out your back before you get to the hill)
  3. hot cocoa mix with gourmet marshmallows and candy cane sticks
  4. the other obvious: ski socks, gloves, a hip new hat and long underwear
  5. GoPro (video those legendary powder runs)
  6. plastic wine glasses for the hot tub
  7. vintage ski posters
  8. Christmas tree ornaments with a ski theme
  9. ski pillows

10. ski boot heaters/dryers

11. wax and a ski iron to slick up your own babies

12. soup cookbook

13. new helmet that fits

14. Warren Miller films

15. antique ski books

16. old wooden skis to mount on the wall or furniture thats been made from skis (coat racks, chairs, hooks etc.)

17. jigsaw puzzle featuring Keystone trails

18. thermos (who wants to pay $6 for a coffee?)

19. camel back (keep hydrated)

20. picture frame to record your fabulous vacation

Again, all of these items can be found in Summit County, so call now and come to ski country!