February 2 marked the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. Its known around the world in many forms: Candlemas, Groundhogs Day, Feast of Lights, Imbolc, and St. Bridgets Day are a just few. While they all have their own spin and traditions, in some way, each celebration honors light. February brings more change in the emerging light than any other month of the year. Enjoy!

Of course, the change in light does affect the ski industry. With the onslaught of new light comes variable weather conditions. February can be sunny, balmy and even t-shirt-wearing weather in the middle of the day. But it can also be stormyfull of whipping, windy snow. As you plan your trip with Key to the Rockies, remember to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Bring layers of fuzzy fleece, sunscreen, and plenty of disposable hand warmers. If youre lucky, youll have a little sun and snow. In general, Colorado skies cant be beat. Its all a win-win situation.

February is this locals favorite time to ski. The crowds arent bad. Theres no rush, no pressure, no commitments- just good, solid ski time! I love waking up to a blizzard and making epic powder turns, and the next day, be able to catch some rays on the chairlift.

If you havent booked a trip, do now! February wont disappoint.