A New Year In Keystone

Happy New Year! Hopefully, youre reading this after a good day on snow. If not, fulfill a New Years resolution and book a ski trip. Key to the Rockies will help. In fact, Ill help you out right here, right now.

Ive altered a typical New Years resolution wish list with a new, improved one.

Past Resolutions New Resolutions

1. Get to the gym 1. Get to the hill and ski

2. Eat less junk 2. Brown bag ski lunches

3. Stop flipping off bad drivers    3. Stop chasing out of control skiers

(report them to ski patrol instead)

4. Plan a beach vacation 4. Beach? Not. SKI VACATION-YES!

5. Spend more time with 5. Ski more with family and friends

family and friends

6. Volunteer at a marathon 6. Volunteer to teach someone to ski

7. Run a marathon 7. Ski a double black diamond

8. Be grateful for every day 8. Be grateful for every day (especially the snowy ones)

9. Call someone special more often 9. Invite someone special to ski more often

10. Be happy with the small things 10. Be happy with the small things- like a really great run.

Dont you feel better already? Its a new yearSKI IT!